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Robin Gordon

Name – Robin Gordon

Where are you from? – New Orleans

How old are you? 16

When did you start playing the game? – When i was nine yrs. old.

What made you interested in playing basketball? – I loved how challenging the sport was.

Do you remember your first organized basketball game? – YesI was in the seventh grade and we played against Westwego. Yeah we beat em..[lol]

How did you play and how did it make you feel? – When i got in the game and saw all those people cheering it got me pumped.

When did you begin to take basketball seriously and why? – At that moment when I played my first game,and I just loved the way it when I played my adrenaline would start to rush and it made me so happy just to be playing..even if we

Does your family support you playing basketball? – Oh yeah..they support me in everything i do.

What influenced you to play basketball? – What influenced me to play was just how excited I was to play..who influenced me to play was my dad..

What is your favorite aspect of playing basketball? My favorite aspect of the game is knowing that people can come together..and play as know.

What is your motivation to play? – My motivation to play is the children.I love kids and everytime I see these one group of kids its the same thing..Robin I cant wait til you go to the WNBA..or college..and that motivates me alot..

What are your habits before a game? – I like to dance..and eat baked fish..

What is your favorite hobby? – Playing basketball.

Do play other sports competitively, which sports? – None..

What is your favorite food to eat before and after games? – Before games is baked fish..after the game I like to eat McDonalds.

What is your favorite pre-game music? – Eminem- T’ill I Collapse

Do you have any religious background and basketball? – nah..
How often do you workout? – I workout almost everyday.

Do you have a partner or on your own? – Me and my sister

Have you gotten seriously injured? – Never been injured

What are your strong points in basketball? – Playing post.

Do you consider yourself healthy and why? – No..because I eat a lot of junk..but I’m trying to get healthy.


Your favorite basketball gear brand? – Adidas

What size shoe do you wear? – Size 9.


Do you have many friends who don’t play basketball? – Yeah..I have alot

What is life outside of basketball for you? – Its hectic[lol] I’m an outgoing person.

Do you get a lot of attention because you play basketball? – No people treat me regular..except for some of my teachers

What are your plans after your basketball career is over? – I want to be a coach.

Is basketball your life? – Yes basically..

Where has basketball taken you? – It has taken me alot of places..places I would have never though I would be.

Have you traveled a lot through basketball? If so, where have you been and which are your favorite places? – I’ve been to Florida,Tennessee,Baton Rouge,Mississippi,and Georgia.

Do you have children? – Oh no..

Have you made mistakes in your life that has affected your career? If you would like to go into detail please explain. – Well when Iwas in 9th grade I stopped playing ball because I was so into boys and Ii couldn’t concentrate. from there it was like everything started to fall apart and nothing was coming together for me. So everything fell back into place but something still was missing..So I prayed and prayed and it came to me that basketball was my life and that is what completed me..But I messed myself because Ii didn’t play for my highschool for two years..But I got it all together im straight.

What is your basketball standing now? High school, college, professional, semi pro or retired? High School

What are your personal goals as a player? To become a better, more focused basketbal player.

What are your basketball dreams? – To become the greatest. T want children to look up to me and be like Ti wanna be just like her.

Are you happy with your basketball game? – Yeah I’m happy with it..

Have you received many accolades and honors through basketball? Yes…