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Raeven King

Name – Raeven King

Where are you from? – Queensvillage, NY Hometown: Omaha, NE

How old are you? 25

When did you start playing the game? – 4th grade 7 yrs. old

What made you interested in playing basketball? –Not sure, just loved to do.

Do you remember your first organized basketball game? – Yea. I cried the first time I got double teamed.

How did you play and how did it make you feel? – I must of liked it I’ve been playing ever since. When I first started to play my coaches saw potential and encouraged my mom to keep me in sports.

When did you begin to take basketball seriously and why? – When I started playing for the North Omaha Hawkettes, a local organized basketball team. The Hawkettes’ have a very good tradition of players so you wanted to live up to expectations.

Does your family support you playing basketball? – Totally. My Mom told me to reach for the moon and even if I miss I will still be amongst the stars.

What influenced you to play basketball? – I was athletic as a child. I am an only child; my mom needed to keep me busy.

What is your favorite aspect of playing basketball? Teamwork, the corrodery with my teammates.

What is your motivation to play? – Basketball is my passion in life.

What are your habits before a game? – Listening to music, get some food in my system at least four hours before I play.

What is your favorite hobby? – Playing video games, collecting sneakers, and id bands

Do play other sports competitively, which sports? – In high school I played volleyball and ran track (hurdler). I also played tennis but had to give it up because the competitive season was during basketball. I am a sports fanatic so I play most sports.

What is your favorite food to eat before and after games? – Anything that will not make my stomach upset.

What is your favorite pre-game music? – I am pretty eclectic. When I by myself I listening to some inspiring type music, you know the stuff that makes me focus. As I move closer to game time the songs I listening to change invoke me to dance and get crunk.

Do you have any religious background and basketball? – My mother is a minister. We have a Pentecostal background. And are currently in Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). During my game day routine I do little personal prayers here and there. I don’t not ask the God for victory, it just doesn’t seem right. I ask him to help me to play the best can I possible can.

How often do you workout? – 6 days a week. 2-4 hours a day.

Do you have a partner or on your own? – Nope. Only child syndrome. I would like one.

Have you gotten seriously injured? – Last season tore ligaments in my left ankle.

What are your strong points in basketball? – am athletic on the offensive and defensive end. I also have a high basketball IQ.

Do you consider yourself healthy and why? – When I think of my health I now think of my ankle. I have been getting stronger every day since my injury.


Your favorite basketball gear brand? – I not really partial to any particular brand but I do love to play in sneakers with zoom air.

What size shoe do you wear? – Size men’s size 9.


Do you have many friends who don’t play basketball? – Most of them have played at some point.

What is life outside of basketball for you? – That’s hard because it doesn’t happen often, but I have been a white collar professional in the best city in the world (New York City). I had to put my dreams aside to work my professional career.

Do you get a lot of attention because you play basketball? – Use too, not much anymore I don’t think. You’d have to ask the people around me that question.

What are your plans after your basketball career is over? – I have a couple of ideas… work in event management and promotions; referee; work for the boys and girls club. I got a couple things lined up for those days.

Is basketball your life? – No, but it is a significant part of my life. At one point it was my life, but people get older and you evolve.

Where has basketball taken you? – Physically traveling: too many places to list. Basketball has taken me beyond what I could have possible imagine in my life.

Have you traveled a lot through basketball? If so, where have you been and which are your favorite places? – Yes, like I said earlier too many to mention. My favorites: New York, Hawaii, and Denmark.

Do you have children? Nope, that is why I work at the Boys and Girls Club.

Have you made mistakes in your life that has affected your career? If you would like to go into detail please explain. I’m sure I have. But a lot of the mistakes have helped mold me into the women I am now. My former teammates and I joke about my tragic mistakes all the time. Some of them were pretty funny now that I look back at them.

What is your basketball standing now? High school, college, professional, semi pro or retired? I am currently trying to get overseas next seasons. My friends call me a pro, but I still think I am a semi pro.

What are your personal goals as a player? Physically I want my ankle to perform at the intensity I was playing at before I got hurt. Another goal is to play basketball at the highest level I can.

What are your basketball dreams? – Those are personal.

Have you received many accolades and honors through basketball? Not as many as I would like. I could always have more;)