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Noemi Castellon

Name: Noemi Castellon

Where are you from? : Bakersfield, California
How old are you? : 17

When did you start playing the game? : 5th grade

What made you interested in playing basketball? : the way people could have so much passion for it

Do you remember your first organized basketball game? yeah

How did you play and how did it make you feel? it was a co-ed league, and it made me feel like that was i was meant to do

When did you begin to take basketball seriously and why? : 6th grade, because i had so much passion for it, its all i ever wanted to do

Does your family support you playing basketball? : yeah, especially my mom, she loves the game as much as I do

What influenced you to play basketball? : my mom was the main one who pushed towards the game

What is your favorite aspect of playing basketball? i think the best part is how close you get to your teammates

What is your motivation to play? my main motivation is just the love I have for the game

What are your habits before a game? after a game, I usually go back and think about all my mistakes and how I can improve

What is your favorite hobby? I love listening to music, at all hours of the day

Do play other sports competitively, which sports?I play volleyball and softball as well

What is your favorite food to eat before and after games? Panda express! haha I love it

What is your favorite pre-game music? I love Kanye and TI

Do you have any religious background and basketball? yeah

How often do you workout? I spend at least 3 a day

Do you have a partner or on your own? im usually by myself, unless we have team practices

Have you gotten seriously injured? Luckily I haven’t.

What are your strong points in basketball? im an AMAZING shooter

Do you consider yourself healthy and why? I think im healthier than the average person, I do a lot of excercise


Your favorite basketball gear brand? I love NIKE

What size shoe do you wear? I wear a size 7


Do you have many friends who don’t play basketball? : yeah

What is life outside of basketball for you? : its all mainly focused on school when im not playing

Do you get a lot of attention because you play basketball? : I do, its always “hey, don’t you play basketball?”

What are your plans after your basketball career is over? : I want to focus on my education and my career

Is basketball your life? : its about 70% of it

Where has basketball taken you? its taken me to so many places, physically, emotionally, and mentally

Have you traveled a lot through basketball? If so, where have you been and which are your favorite places? I’ve been to Colorado, San Diego, Arizona, Santa Barbara, and some others but I have to say, Colorado was my all time favorite

Do you have children? I don’t

Have you made mistakes in your life that has affected your career? If you would like to go into detail please explain. I think my biggest mistake was probably taking one year off, if I had worked out all that year, I would have been so much better.

What is your basketball standing now? Do you play — High school, college, professional, semi pro or retired? I now play in High School

What are your personal goals as a player? I would really like to lead our team farther in the playoffs, and improve my game enough to keep playing when I’m older

What are your basketball dreams? I would really like to keep playing in college

Are you happy with your basketball game? I am happy with it, but there’s always room for improvements