Manvir Garcha

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Manvir Garcha

Name: Manvir Garcha

Where are you from? Fresno, Ca

When did you start playing the game? in second grade

What made you interested in playing basketball? i saw my friends playing it and i was amazed i asked them to teach me, ever since then iv loved the game.

Do you remember your first organized basketball game? 8th grade

When did you begin to take basketball seriously and why? 7th grade, I had decided that I hated the feeling of being cut from the Basketball team.

Does your family support you playing basketball? yes

What influenced you to play basketball? Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, the glory, pain, desire, and w anting to go pro

What is your favorite aspect of playing basketball? Offense, i love driving in, but im also i dead-eye shooter from the sides, because my position shooting guard and small forward requires it.

What is your motivation to play? Kevin Durant, to be a credit to my race, make my parents proud, to prove my haters wrong

What are your habits before a game? pray, mentally prepare myself, remember to show no mercy

What is your favorite food to eat before and after games? pizza

What is your favorite pre-game music? Eminem and Drake, mostly Eminem

Do you have any religious background and basketball? Punjabi aka Sikh,

Do you have a partner or on your own? Both

Have you been seriously injured? yes, my ankle

What are your strong points in basketball? driving up, shooting, and shot blocking

Do you consider yourself healthy and why? yes, im extremely fast

Do you have many friends who don’t play basketball? yes, but they watch me play and encourage me

What is life outside of basketball for you? boring, Basketball is my life, its all I ever think o f

Do you get a lot of attention because you play basketball? yes

Is basketball your life? Its beyond just my life

Where has basketball taken you? it has taught me patience, disipline, and to be confident and work bears fruit

What is your basketball standing now? Do you play — High school, college, professional, semi pro or retired?  Eighth Grade Basketball team for Rio Vista,

What are your basketball dreams? Making Pro, being a Legend

Are you happy with your basketball game? No one should ever be happy with their game, always striving to be better