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Belal Abiad

Name: Belal Abiad

Where are you from? Australian/Lebanese

How old are you? 09/02/1979

When did you start playing the game? Age 14

What made you interested in playing basketball? My brother and friends playing the game

Do you remember your first organized basketball game? Yes

How did you play and how did it make you feel? I scored of the jump ball on my own basket lol, i didn’t know the rules at all.

When did you begin to take basketball seriously and why? Age 20 in Australia, I felt i have some skill, when i was 21 i flew to Lebanon and participated in the National team training before they flew to Indiana to participate in the world championship. I have been serious about the game ever since

Does your family support you playing basketball? Absolutely

What influenced you to play basketball? My brother

What is your favorite aspect of playing basketball? I like the feeling when i make a perfect assist that no one had a clue it was gonna happen, but me. That being said i enjoy dunking too.

What is your motivation to play? Better my self and constantly learning

What are your habits before a game? Music and warm up by taking few shots and ofcourse stretching

Do play other sports competitively, which sports? Not competitively, but i like tennis, soccer and volleyball

What is your favorite food to eat before and after games? 3-4 hrs before a game, i like to have a nice pasta dish, after the game i can not eat straight away but few hours later, I ll eat something depends on what i feel like.

What is your favorite pre-game music? Arabic, R&B, Hip Hop

How often do you workout? Once a day

Do you have a partner or on your own? Own

Have you been seriously injured? Nothing to serious, no surgeries.

What are your strong points in basketball? Defense, court vision, speed and 3pt range

Do you consider yourself healthy and why? No i don’t, beacuse i dont eat healthy food most of the times

Do you have many friends who don’t play basketball? Ya, ofcourse

What is life outside of basketball for you? Family, friends, movies, socialize, beach.

Do you get a lot of attention because you play basketball? At times, but i prefer no attention

What are your plans after your basketball career is over? Work as a coach and stay involved in the game through organizing social events and tournaments, which can help me guide many youngsters and be a mentor figure for some.

Is basketball your life? Ya i think so

Where has basketball taken you? Lebanon,Australia, Italy, Germany

Have you made mistakes in your life that has affected your career? If you would like to go into detail please explain I think i have but i am not sure if it effected my career positively or negatively. I guess i will never know. I ll just have to trust my judgment and follow my heart.

What is your basketball standing now? Do you play — High school, college, professional, semi pro or retired? Semi pro

What are your basketball dreams? I would like to play at a higher level in the coming years, and help my team succeed

Are you happy with your basketball game? Yes but i am wise to know i need to improve on may things